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Our Mission, Vision and Values

Guiding principles that matter most to us, Our purpose and long term goals.


To deliver seamless, consistent & engaging digital experiences by using process-driven methodologies.
We use procedures that have been tested over time and proven to help overcome problems. It is a very well organized and well-researched plan to solve a problem. We optimize our processes after every project we deliver.
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To be the most heard, reliable, and achieved brand when you talk about digital experiences and problem-solving.
Digital experience strategy isn’t an IT-driven initiative; it’s a customer-needs driven initiative. There’s a huge difference between simply using digital technology and leveraging it to improve customer experiences and better address customer needs.
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Beliefs of every tenxgeek

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Client-Centric Approach

Being a customer-centric company, we carry out business activities in a way that promotes great and positive customer experience before and after the delivery of projects. This way, we assure you to nurture the culture of repeating customers as well as customer loyalty.

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Cutting Edge Technology

We prefer using the latest technologies and tools available, which allows us to adapt to the market and provide optimal solutions for your problems. We want you to grow with you in building better products for end-users.

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Quality of Deliverables

With our internal framework and methodologies, we make sure that the quality of deliverables is up to industry standards at all times. We define and deliver on time.

Our Core Value

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Economical Pricing
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Timely Delivery
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Smooth Hand Off
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Feedback Driven Development
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Dedicated Teams
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Effective Collaboration
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UX Rich Designs
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Great Place to Work

Core Team Members

10x Designer

Akshay Saini

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Akshay is a full-stack designer with outstanding work experience across the product development lifecycle. He specialized in branding, UI/UX, and creative consulting. His goal is to help brands build authenticity, clarity, and purpose through design.

10x Developer

Nikhil Sindhu

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Nikhil is a proficient problem solver with experience in full-stack, scalable, efficient web application development. He hacks and builds stuff using React, Flutter, Node.js, Graphql, etc. His goal is to help businesses build a robust, scalable and performant applications.

Let’s Build Better Products Together.

Let our expertise help you discover better solutions and shape your ideas into great products for the customers.

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